We’ve always wanted to offer our guests a fantastic, full flavoured taste in tea that matches our passion for coffee.

Back in 2016 and after some serious research we were very pleased to discover Canton Tea Co. These guys have a strong principal of sourcing artisan teas direct from small, family-run farms, helping to build relationships with the producers to guarantee consistent quality. Teas are bought seasonally and direct from the source to ensure that they are authentic, fresh and full of flavour.

Bean Loved has always been about our passion for coffee and this remains true to this day. I would be the first to admit that I overlooked tea as a speciality drink in our first few years of business. Having very little knowledge of the differences in black teas let alone the array of different flavours between green, white and Oolongs and this is before I knew anything about  brew recipes or ratios. However, I understood at least offering loose leaf tea, in those early years, instead of tea bags would be a step in the right direction.

Now in 2019 as the landscape of the nation’s favourite drink is set to change for the good as the health conscious millennials are now ditching the traditional breakfast brew in favour of wellness teas. We believe that our current loose leaf offering will be just “your cup of tea”.

We’ve been seeing a steady increase over the last few years in the demand for good quality tea and as much as coffee has been holding sway over recent years we think tea is making a comeback and may be about to have it’s specialty moment.

With a 40% increase in all tea sales when compared with last year. As we look deeper we can see that our biggest increases are across our green, fruit and herbal infusions with as much as an 80% increase.

Our knowledge and experience with not only brewing teas but understanding what teas are in season, and will make good additions on our guest menu, has helped play a part in this rise. We take great care and attention when brewing each pot for our guests. Each serving is weighed with a strict recipe of 1g of tea for every 100ml of water. Also ensuring the water brewing temperature is correct when dealing with black, green and white tea. Together with the amazing quality of sustainable, artisan teas we source from Canton Tea Co and some exciting new additions to our menu in 2019, we hope to see this rise continue.

We really believe the tea industry is in a great position to launch a fight back against coffee. With such interest from both new and returning customers in exploring what’s beyond their usual brew and willing to try new experiences. Whether this is for health benefits or for new taste experiences. I believe tea can make up lost ground and begin to reclaim it’s crown as Britain’s best loved hot beverage.