Bean Loved Menu

You can rest assured, we really do go to town to offer the freshest possible ingredients direct to your plate. We source local produce and our renowned soups are homemade, daily.

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Our mission is to serve our guests with the freshest possible coffee experience in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We are very proud to showcase our very own signature espresso blend roasted by Darkwoods Coffee, right here in Yorkshire.

All drinks are available to takeaway and have been crafted and sized to create the optimum flavour experience for you.

Latte £2.40 Long Black £2.00
Cappuccino £2.40 Mocha £2.60
Flat White £2.30 Espresso £1.80
Filter Coffee £2.00 Macchiato £1.90
Americano £2.20 Cortado £2.10
Soya Milk £0.40 Cream £0.40
Espresso Shot £0.40 Flavoured Syrup £0.40
Hot Chocolate £2.50 Chai Latte £2.20

Our loose leaf teas from Canton Tea Co. are bought Seasonally direct from the source to ensure they are authentic, fresh and full of flavour.

English Breakfast £2.10 Red Berry & Hibiscus £2.30
Earl Grey £2.20 Triple Mint £2.30
Darjeeling £2.70 Wild Rooibos £2.20
Green Tea £2.50 Lemongrass & Ginger £2.30

Our refreshing smoothies are made with crushed ice, fruit and fruit concentrate.

Berry £3.00 Peach £3.00
Mango £3.00 Strawberry £3.00
Add Cream £0.50

The Bean Loved Cooler consists of blended ice, milk and your choice of flavour.

Iced Latte £2.90 Iced Mocha £2.90
Iced Chocolate £2.90 Iced Vanilla £2.90
Iced Chai £2.90

Breakfast & Brunch

It really is easy like Sunday morning with our daily breakfast and brunch options. A delicious and wholesome way to start the day.

Sourdough Toast £2.30
With homemade preserves
Cinnamon Toast £2.50
With a spiced butter
Raisin & Walnut Sourdough Toast £2.70
Served with homemade preserves
French Toast £4.50
Served on raisin and walnut sourdough with mascarpone and fruit compote
Ultimate Bacon Sandwich £4.80
Served on white, malthouse ciabatta or sourdough toast with sauce
Poached or Scrambled Eggs £3.50
Served on white or malthouse sourdough toast. Gluten free available
Smoked Salmon £5.50
Mushrooms and tomatoes £5.00
Bacon £5.50
Wilted spinach £5.00
Porridge £3.50
Served with muscovado sugar and honey
Cream £3.90
Banana and cinnamon £4.90
Fruit compote £4.90
Granola £3.70
Served with cold or hot milk
Fruit compote £4.90
Yogurt and honey £4.70
Eggs Benedict £6.00
Two poached eggs on sourdough with honey roast ham and hollandaise
Eggs Florentine £5.50
Two poached eggs on sourdough with wilted spinach and hollandaise
Eggs Royale £6.50
Two poached eggs on sourdough with smoked salmon and hollandaise
Smashed Avocado £6.50
Two poached eggs on sourdough with lime and coriander avocado
Scrambles | Three eggs scrambled on sourdough toast with:
Chorizo and piquante peppers £5.50
Smoked haddock and wholegrain mustard £5.50
Pancakes £4.00
American style light and fluffy pancakes served with butter and maple syrup
Bacon £6.00
Caramelised banana £5.00
Berries £5.00

Lunch & Chef’s Selection

Take time for lunch and enjoy our freshly prepared plates of locally sourced ingredients. With recipes created in our kitchen, there’s a dish to suit all tastes. We have gluten free options too.

All main dishes are served with a side salad and a choice of sweet potato wedges or cajun spiced sweet potato chips.

Served on a sesame and nigella seeded bun

BBQ Chicken £6.00
Chicken breast marinated in a smoky BBQ rub. Served with buffalo mozzarella and a homemade BBQ sauce.
Chorizo & Red Peppers £6.30
Sliced Spanish chorizo served with sun-dried tomatoes, piquante peppers and buffalo mozzarella
Sun-dried Tomato and Pesto £6.00
Homemade pesto with roasted pine nuts and buffalo mozzarella served with sun-dried tomatoes
Goats Cheese with Red Peppers £6.10
Goats cheese & piquante peppers combines with our homemade sweet chilli jam
Bacon, Brie and Cranberry £6.30
Award winning bacon served with brie and cranberry sauce
Goats Cheese with Orange & Balsamic Beetroot £4.50
With mixed leaves and an apple and cinnamon puree
Honey Roast Ham £4.50
With mixed leaves, sliced tomatoes and a mustard mayonnaise
Bean Loved BLT £4.80
With mixed leaves, tomato chutney and bacon
Smoked Salmon £5.50
With a lemon and black pepper cream cheese, mixed leaves, tomato and cucumber
Houmous & Piquante Peppers £4.50
With mixed leaves, sliced tomato and cucumber
Chicken, Bacon & Smashed Avocado £5.80
With lime, coriander and baby gem lettuce
Soup of the Day £3.60
Served with sourdough. See today’s special board for the soup of the day.
Soup & Sandwich
Sandwich or Soup? Can’t decide? Then enjoy both with our soup and sandwich combo. Just add £2.00 to any hot or cold sandwich.
Caesar £4.00
Baby gem leaves, grana Padano, sourdough croutons and homemade Caesar dressing
Nicoise £4.50
Mixed leaves, new potatoes, green beans, plum tomatoes, olives and homemade French dressing
Greek £4.00
Mixed leaves, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, olives and homemade balsamic dressing
Garden £4.00
Mixed leaves, red peppers, carrot, red onion, apple and homemade balsamic dressing
Waldorf £4.00
Baby gem lettuce, celery, apple and grapes. With spiced walnuts and a yogurt, lemon and tarragon dressing.
Add Chicken, Tuna, Avocado or Feta Cheese £2.00
Extra Bacon £1.00
Extra Egg £0.50
Extra Anchovies £0.85

We serve our toasties on sourdough, its dense texture is perfect for absorbing all the flavour from the hot killings. All served with our own cheese blend of emmental and smoked applewood.

Cheese and onion £4.70 Cheese and honey roast ham £5.50
Cheese and tomato £4.80 Cheese and tuna £5.50
Sweet potato wedges £2.00 Pickled fennel £1.00
Cajun spiced sweet potato chips £2.30 Mixed salad £2.00
Pulled Pork Sandwich £8.00
Slow cooked pork shoulder combined with our very own dry rub of paprika & mustard powder. Mixed together with a homemade bbq sauce. Served in a brioche bun and homemade pickled fennel.
Pork, Apple & Black Pudding Burger £8.50
This homemade burger combines the finest pork mince and award winning black pudding. Served on a brioche bun with rocket and tomato with our homemade apple, lime and chilli chutney.
Lamb, Mint & Coriander Burger £9.00
This homemade burger uses only the finest lamb mince, fresh mint and coriander. Served on a brioche bun with rocket and tomatoes with our homemade lime and green chilli chutney.
Bean Loved Club Sandwich £7.00
A classic with a little Bean Loved twist. Chargrilled chicken breast, mayonnaise and mixed leaves combined with our very own maple glazed bacon. Served on a malthouse sourdough.
Deli Sandwich £7.50
This mouthwater open sandwich combines our home-cured pastrami, sauerkraut and emmental cheese. Served on rye bread with our homemade American mustard.