Our mission is to serve our guests with the freshest possible coffee experience in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We are very proud to showcase our very own signature espresso blend roasted by Darkwoods Coffee, right here in Yorkshire.

All drinks are available to takeaway and have been crafted and sized to create the optimum flavour experience for you.

Latte£2.80Long Black£2.30
Cappuccino£2.80Mocha (Dark or White Chocolate)£3.00
Flat White£2.70Espresso£2.00
Plant-based milk alternatives (soya | oat | almond | coconut)£0.40
Cream | Flavoured syrup | Extra shot£0.50
Hot Chocolate£2.80Chai Latte£2.70
Matcha Latte£2.80

Our loose leaf teas from Canton Tea Co. are bought seasonally direct from the source to ensure they are authentic, fresh and full of flavour.

English Breakfast£2.30White Tea (Silver Needle)£2.70
Earl Grey£2.40Red Berry & Hibiscus£2.30
Darjeeling (Second Flush)£2.70Triple Mint£2.50
Wild Chai£2.50Wild Rooibos£2.20
Green Tea (Jade Tips)£2.50Lemongrass & Ginger£2.50

Stay cool with our range of espresso based iced coffees. Made with organic milk, chose blended or over ice. Decaf & dairy alternatives are also available.

Iced Latte£2.70 (over ice) | £3.70 (blended)
Iced Flat White£2.60 (over ice) | £3.60 (blended)
Iced Mocha£2.90 (over ice) | £3.90 (blended)
Iced Americano£2.40 (over ice)
Iced Long Black£2.20 (over ice)
Iced Matcha£2.80 (over ice)

The Bean Loved Cooler consists of blended ice, milk and your choice of flavour

Iced Chocolate£3.00 (Kids) | £3.80 (Regular)
Iced Vanilla£3.00 (Kids) | £3.80 (Regular)
Iced Chai£3.00 (Kids) | £3.80 (Regular)

Feel free to feel good with our delicious smoothies. Made with grade A fruit and freshly squeezed juice. Give your day a smoothie boost!

Mango Tango£4.00
Very Berry£4.50
Life’s a Peach£4.50
Rise & Shine£4.75
Go Nuts£4.50
Pretty Green£5.00
Orange (freshly squeezed)£1.70 (Small) | £2.40 (Regular)
Apple (freshly squeezed)£1.90 (Small) | £2.60 (Regular)

Breakfast & Brunch

It really is easy like Sunday morning with our daily breakfast and brunch options. A delicious and wholesome way to start the day.

Sourdough toast£2.60
With homemade preserves
Cinnamon toast£2.60
With a spiced butter
Raisin & Walnut sourdough£2.80
With homemade preserves
Brioche French Toast
With sweetened mascarpone and your choice of the following:
Blueberry compote£5.50
Caramelised banana£5.50
Ultimate Bacon Sandwich£5.00
Served on a ciabatta or sourdough
Scrambled or Poached Eggs£4.00
Served on sourdough. Gluten free toast is also available
Homemade Smoky Baked Beans£4.00
Served on sourdough. Gluten free toast is also available
Add blueberry compote£1.50
Add cream£0.40
Add banana and cinnamon£1.50
Eggs Benedict£7.00
Slow roasted ham shoulder with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on sourdough or gluten free toast.
Eggs Florentine£6.50
Wilted spinach with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on sourdough or gluten free toast.
Eggs Royale£8.50
Smoked salmon with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on sourdough or gluten free toast.
Smashed Avocado£7.00
Two poached eggs on sourdough or gluten free toast with lime and coriander avocado and rocket leaves.
Sweet Potato Fritter Stack£8.50
With a poached egg, smashed avocado, halloumi cheese and sriracha mayonnaise.
Shakshuka Baked Eggs£6.00
Tomato sauce with black beans spiced with cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper and nutmeg topped with two baked eggs. Served with a slice of sourdough toast.
Recommended with grilled chorizo£2.50
With butter, sweetened mascarpone & maple syrup
Add bacon£2.50
Add blueberry compote£2.00
Add caramelised banana £2.00
Smoked Salmon£3.00
Balsamic & Garlic Mushrooms£1.50
Wilted Spinach£1.60
Grilled Chorizo£2.50
Grilled Halloumi£1.50
Homemade Smoky Beans£1.50
Sourdough Toast£0.80

Lunch & Chef’s Selection

Take time for lunch and enjoy our freshly prepared plates of locally sourced ingredients. With recipes created in our kitchen, there’s a dish to suit all tastes. We have gluten free options too.

All our flatbreads are served with rocket leaves and a quinoa and lentils mix with your choice of toppings. They are either deliciously cold or tastily hot – please check the symbol at the side of each description before placing your order. Gluten Free toast is also available.

Goats cheese with orange and balsamic beetroot£6.50
Creamy goat’s cheese with caraway seeds and an apple & cinnamon puree.
Chicken, bacon & smashed avocado£7.80
Chicken thighs served with lime and coriander smashed avocado with hot riddled bacon. Finished with basil oil.
Smashed pea with kimchi vegetables£6.50
Smashed peas with lemon and mint. Served with fermented asian infused veg and curried cauliflower puree.
Roasted sweet potato houmous and peppers£6.50
Roasted sweet potato combined with a lemon and garlic houmous. Topped with piquant peppers and dukkah then drizzled with a balsamic glaze.
Mushrooms, spinach and dukkah£7.80
Sautéed garlic and balsamic mushrooms, wilted spinach and dukkah served with a basil oil.
Chicken, chorizo & halloumi£8.00
Chargrilled chicken thighs and chorizo with our homemade chilli jam.
Pulled beef and crispy onions£9.00
Slow cooked beef brisket cooked in porter. Then shredded and combined in a homemade BBQ sauce. Served with crispy fried onions and siricha mayo topped with melted Emmental.
Sweet potato fries£3.50
Halloumi sticks£4.50
Served with our homemade sweet chilli jam
Sea salt & rosemary wedges£3.50